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Get trained in online money making

Online money making course is packed with various programs which are proven to be the best options to make money online. You should chose best programs and methods for your success.

This program is crafted meticulously covering various modules to offer you real time exposure in online money making strategies to stay ahead in the digital era.

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Who Should Enroll For This Course?

Most suited for those who are interested in making money online. This course is specially designed for the every one who looking to get advanced training in online money making.

Become an online money making expert in 45Hrs

This programme provides an opportunity to learn from Certified Expert Trainers, who have decades of experience in marketing. The course has been designed after a lot of research and helps you become a Digital Marketing expert.

Learn 45Hrs online money making course in Thiruvananthapuram  by AITEE. Certification in digital marketing course with job placement assistance and hands-on experience. We have digital marketing Institute located in Thiruvananthapuram with in Kerala.

Course Modules

  • Introduction to google ADsense
  • Google ADsense Interface
  • Google ADsense Insights
  • Google ADsense Efficiency
  • Inclusive preparation of Google Adsense
  • Key aspects and correct usage of the program
  • Custom channels
  • Overview of SEO to help you in increasing traffic on your website
  • Pay per click system
  • Tracking profits online
  • Types of Ads like text, image etc
  • Assessing the Ad’s performance
  • Customizing the advertisements
  • Their effective placement on your web page so as to attract more audiences
  • Allow or block unnecessary advertisements
  • Creating reports
  • Rules and policies
  • Reviewing and customizing Ads preferences
  • Fundamentals of affiliate marketing
  • Introduction to becoming an affiliate publisher
  • Introduction to becoming an affiliate advertiser
  • Analytics: How to track your networks
  • Starting a channel New Channel Setup
  • Channel Strategy
  • Audience Engagement Playlists
  • Content Creation Checklist
  • Advantages of Monetization add thumbnail schedule videos
  • Fundamentals of a successful YouTube channel
  • Branding your Youtube Experience
  • Planning and Strategy the foundation for strong growth
  • Competitor analysis and Keyword Research
  • Free Tool for quick video analysis and Get Keywords
  • Video Planning, creation and Strategy

After Learning

You can implement various online money making channels. You could get more exposure in online money making.

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