Advanced Professional Diploma In Digital Marketing

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    Who Should Enroll For This Course?

    Ideally for newcomers and those actively seeking employment.
    This course is specifically crafted for individuals who are new to the field, aiming to leverage the potential of the internet to secure their initial position in digital marketing.

    Become a Certified Digital Marketing Expert with 3 Months

    Attending a 3-month advanced digital marketing course will be a more effective course for beginners and professionals to skilled up easily. This advantage of 3 months paid internship in digital marketing projects will make candidates much confident in their profiles.

    AITEE has a fully organized and globally recognized digital marketing course syllabus and certifications in major digital platforms. Along with the strong placement track, records and real-time industrial projects will make the course outstanding.

    Course Modules

    • Evolution Of SEO
    • Terms & Definitions Of SEO
    • SEO Business Concepts
    • Business Impact Of SEO
    • Periodic Table Of SEO Success Factors
    • Search Engine Landscape(Website terminology)
    • Search Engine Index
    • Analyzing Search Engines
    • Google’s History Of Major Algorithm Updates
    • The Need For A Keyword Research Plan
    • How to Research Your Keywords
    • Tools To help You Analyze Keywords
    • Understanding Keyword Attributes & Distribution
    • Ongoing Keyword Evaluation
    • Understanding content Optimization
    • Optimizing Structure
    • Optimizing textual Page Elements
    • Analyzing Content Quality
    • Domain Signals for SEO
    • Manage Website URLs
    • Identify and Remove Duplicate Content
    • Additional Optimization & Management
    • Webmaster tools
    • Moving To A New Domain Or Redesign
    • The Importance Of Links
    • Evaluating Backlinks
    • Methods Of Backlinks
    • Advanced Concepts and Best Practices To linking
    • Dealing With Problem Links
    • Strategic Goal Alignment
    • Audience-Centric Approach
    • Content Calendar Development
    • Evergreen and Trend-Driven Content Mix
    • Measurement and Adaptation performance
    • Measuring SEO Performance
    • Measuring The Impact Of Social Media
    • Analyzing links
    • Analyzing Keywords
    • SEO Site Audit
    • Understanding SEO and E-Commerce
    • Working with Semantic HTML for E-Commerce
    • The Technical Components Of E-Commerce
    • Exploring E-Commerce Information Architecture
    • Producing E-Commerce Content
    • Leveraging Link Building and social Media for E-commerce
    • Understanding Google My Business
    • Setting Up and Optimizing Google+ Business Listing
    • Managing your Citations
    • Getting more Reviews For your Business
    • Optimizing Your Website For Local Search
    • Understanding Mobile SEO
    • Configuring Your Website For Mobile
    • Optimizing Your Website For  Smartphones
    • Developing mobile-friendly content
    • Understanding the basics
    • Why Google analytics
    • How Google Analytics works
    • How to setup analytics account
    • Understanding full reports
    • Dashboard and shortcuts
    • Basic campaign and conversion tracking
    • Tag Management Simplified
    • Centralized Control
    • Version Control and Rollbacks
    • Event Tracking and Trigger Configuration
    • Enhanced Performance and Loading Speed
    • What is social media?
    • History of social media marketing
    • Importance of social media
    • SMO strategy for business
    • Social media key concept
    • Business profile creation
    • Brand Awareness
    • Social media engagement
    • Viral marketing

    Facebook Optimization & Marketing

    • Profile Optimization
    • Content Strategy
    • Audience Targeting
    • Facebook Ads
    • Engagement and Community Building

    Instagram Marketing

    • Profile Optimization
    • Visual Consistency
    • Hashtag Strategy
    • Engagement and Interaction
    • Instagram Stories and Reels

    Pinterest Marketing

    • Optimized Business Profile
    • Strategic Board Creation
    • Visually Appealing Pins
    • Keyword Optimization
    • Promoted Pins and Advertising

    Twitter Marketing

    • Profile Optimization
    • Consistent Posting and Engagement
    • Hashtag Utilization
    • Visual Content Integration
    • Twitter Ads and Analytics

    LinkedIn Marketing

    • Optimized Company Profile
    • Employee Advocacy
    • Thought Leadership Content
    • LinkedIn Ads
    • Networking and Relationship Building

    Google Ads

    • Keyword Research and Selection
    • Compelling Ad Copy
    • Ad Extensions
    • Targeting and Audience Segmentation
    • Conversion Tracking and Optimization

    Social Media ROI

    • Define Clear Objectives and Goals
    • Track Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
    • Attribution Modeling
    • Cost Analysis
    • Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

    Introduction to PPC Marketing

    • Definition of PPC
    • Google Ads and Other Platforms
    • Keyword Research
    • Ad Creation and Copywriting
    • Bid Management and Budgeting

    SEM Keyword Research 

    • Identify Relevant Industry Terms
    • Use Keyword Research Tools
    • Focus on Long-Tail Keywords
    • Competitor Analysis
    • Consider User Intent

    Setting up a PPC campaign 

    • Define Campaign Objectives
    • Keyword Research and Selection
    • Create Compelling Ad Copy
    • Set Budgets and Bidding Strategy
    • Ad Extensions and Targeting Options
    • Implement Conversion Tracking

    Introduction to Google AdWords – Part I

    • Overview of Google AdWords
    • Campaign Structure
    • Keyword Selection
    • Ad Formats
    • Ad Auction and Quality Score

    Introduction to Google AdWords – Part II

    • Targeting Options
    • Ad Extensions
    • Ad Scheduling
    • Budgeting and Bidding Strategies
    • Conversion Tracking
    • Installation and Setup
    • Theme Selection and Customization
    • Content Creation with Posts and Pages
    • Plugin Integration for Functionality
    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • Fundamentals of affiliate marketing
    • Introduction to becoming an affiliate publisher
    • Introduction to becoming an affiliate advertiser
    • Analytics: How to track your networks
    • Content Planning and Strategy
    • Optimized Video Titles and Descriptions
    • Eye-Catching Thumbnails
    • Audience Engagement and Interaction
    • Promotion and Collaboration
    • Analytics and Optimization
    • Customer-Centric Approach
    • Content Creation and Distribution
    • Lead Generation and Nurturing
    • SEO Optimization
    • Data-Driven Decision-Making

    After Learning

    You will be able to make an online presence of a company or your project at higher positions. Create digital marketing campaigns, and bring a business to top ranking.

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