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Social media marketing involves two methods one involves creating content and promoting it through social media channels, while the other involves paid advertising on social media platforms. New features and targeting methods are changing frequently in social media platforms these courses aim to familiarize you with lots of marketing tools that make you become a professional in social media marketing.

Our program is thoughtfully designed, encompassing various modules to provide real-time exposure to SMM strategies, ensuring you stay ahead in the digital era.

Course Highlights

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    For whom this course intended?

    Ideal for individuals seeking to enhance their SMM skills, this course is specially tailored for everyone seeking advanced training in social media marketing.

    Become an SMM expert in 80Hrs

    This program offers a chance to learn from seasoned Google Certified Expert Trainers with decades of marketing experience. The curriculum, crafted after extensive research, is designed to guide you towards becoming a proficient Digital Marketing expert.

    Course Modules

    • What is social media?
    • History of social media marketing
    • Importance of social media
    • SMO strategy for business
    • Social media key concept
    • Business profile creation
    • Brand Awareness
    • Social media engagement
    • Viral marketing
    • Introduction to Facebook
    • Setting up and optimization of facebook profile
    • Introduction to facebook groups and its importance
    • Facebook events
    • Creating A Facebook Page For Your Business
    • Effective Facebook Marketing Strategy
    • An overview of Facebook advertisements and how they operate.
    • Facebook Ads manager
    • Setting up Ads and campaigns
    • An introduction to audiences in Facebook ads and the different types available.
    • The importance of remarketing on Facebook
    • What Is Instagram All About
    • Why Businesses Should Use Instagram
    • Setting Your Profile Up For Success
    • How to Build Followers and Gain Attention
    • How to make money with instagram
    • Position Your Business on Instagram
    • Hashtags # The Key To Success
    • Pinterest Business Marketing
    • Staying consistent with Pinterest
    • Creating Your Pinterest Business Account
    • Pinterest Power Tools
    • Fundamentals of Pinning – Essential Knowledge for You
    • Creating Pinterest Badges & Widgets
    • Getting Started: Creating an Effective Twitter Profile
    • Twitter Fundamentals – Setup and Basic Functions
    • Importance of tweet quality to ensure engagement
    • Twitter Daily Operations and marketing strategy
    • Video Lessons For LinkedIn Marketing
    • LinkedIn as a Marketing Platform
    • LinkedIn for Personal Branding
    • Brand Marketing on LinkedIn
    • LinkedIn Company Pages
    • LinkedIn Advanced Search
    • LinkedIn Premium
    • LinkedIn Ads
    • Types of Campaign
    • Drive Traffic to Your Website
    • Audience Selection
    • Ad Creation and Optimization of LinkedIn Usage
    • Tips to Optimize the Campaign
    • Trick to Get Qualified Lead Below Rs.100
    • Quiz Module 6
    • YouTube Marketing – Introduction & Ad Formats
    • Creating Youtube Channel
    • YouTube Ad Formats and SEO
    • YouTube Campaign Creation
    • YouTube Analytics
    • Video Campaign Optimization Tips
    • Top Keywords to rank your video
    • Attracting Subscribers
    • Setup Google Plus Profile
    • Google Plus for Business Setup
    • Using Google Plus
    • Google Plus Photos,Circles, Communities, Events
    • How to Market Your Business Using Google Plus
    • Social Media Marketing ROI Intro
    • Key elements of social media ROI calculation
    • Reasons to calculate social media ROI
    • How to calculate Social Media Marketing Return
    • Challenges with calculating return
    • Identify your SM goals and actions
    • Social Media Marketing ROI calculation
    • Benefits of social media beyond dollars
    • Enhancing your social media ROI
    • Calculate the value of action

    After Learning

    Boost the online visibility of your company by positioning it at higher levels. Create effective digital marketing campaigns to skyrocket your business to the top ranks

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