Why AITEE Programs

AITEE is Asia’s most trusted digital marketing training & certification provider which helps learners transform their careers and get future-ready. We cater to all individuals with customized programs to suit their requirements and foster a fun learning culture.

Why choose our Programs

This Online digital marketing program has been designed for early to mid-level career professionals who are interested in:

Describe digital customer behaviors and ways to reach customer segments and enhance engagement by using the digital marketing funnel.

Get an in-depth 360 degree understanding of digital marketing to understand the impact of new technologies and new developments on digital marketing strategy.

Devise strategies to create optimal performance marketing plans on digital ad and paid marketing platforms like Google Ads, social media, Email Marketing, Video Marketing & Mobile Marketing

Learn to use marketing analytics to evaluate campaign KPIs & generate valuable insights into campaign performance & strengthen your marketing plans

Understand programmatic buying tools such as DSP, RTB and Google Ad exchange

Explore the role market research plays in marketing, the research process & how to use market intelligence to better understand customer behavior

Describe the various steps of the framework for successful planning and execution of a digital marketing strategy

Identify real-time cases through industry-standard case studies to understand how companies navigated through the dynamic digital world using various tools & strategies

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