Certified SEM Professional Course

Get trained in Search engine marketing

Larger companies often require a dedicated SEM (search engine marketing) specialist or even a team of search engine marketers. Search engine marketing encompasses various strategies using search engines, including Google AdWords. This course provides in-depth knowledge of Search Engine Marketing.

Our program is meticulously designed, covering various modules to provide real-time exposure to SEM strategies, ensuring you stay ahead in the digital era

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    Who Should Enroll For This Course?

    Most suited for those who want to sharpen SEM skills
    This course is specifically crafted for individuals who are new to the field, aiming to leverage the potential of the internet to secure their initial position in digital marketing.

    Get Certified SEM Professional in 80Hrs

    Join our program to benefit from instruction by experienced Google Certified Expert Trainers with decades of marketing expertise. Meticulously designed through extensive research, the course aims to shape you into a Digital Marketing expert.

    Join our 80-hour SEM certificate courses in Thiruvananthapuram at AITEE. Our digital marketing certification program offers job placement assistance and hands-on experience. Our institute is located in Thiruvananthapuram Kerala.

    Course Modules

    • Definition of PPC Marketing
      Key Components of PPC
    • Benefits of PPC Marketing
    • Popular Platforms for PPC
    • Conversion Tracking and Analytics
    • Identifying Relevant Keywords
    • Competitor Analysis
    • Long-Tail Keyword Exploration
    • Keyword Volume and CPC Analysis
    • Ad Group Structuring


    • Define Campaign Objectives
    • Keyword Research and Selection
    • Create Compelling Ad Copies
    • Set Budget and Bidding Strategy
    • Ad Extensions and Targeting Options


    • Overview of Google AdWords
    • Ad Formats and Placements
    • Keyword Targeting
    • Bidding System and Ad Auction
    • Quality Score and Ad Relevance
    • Ad Groups and Campaign Structure
    • Ad Targeting Options
    • Ad Extensions for Enhanced Visibility
    • Conversion Tracking
    • Budgeting and Bid Strategies
    • Google Ads Help Center
    • Google Ads Academy
    • Google Ads Community
    • Google Ads Blog
    • Webinars and Events

    After Learning

    Boost the online visibility of your company by positioning it at higher levels. Create effective digital marketing campaigns to sky rocket your business to the top ranks.

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