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We are committed to providing comprehensive training programs and unrivaled opportunities for students to excel in the dynamic IT industry. Whether you are a fresh engineering graduate or a student seeking academic project guidance, we have tailored programs that will captivate your interest and propel your career to new heights.


Our esteemed IT Finishing School is a transformative one-month program meticulously designed to equip students with the essential skills required to thrive in the ever-evolving IT landscape. With a holistic approach, this program caters to all sectors, ensuring that you are equipped with the necessary tools to succeed. Immerse yourself in a transformative journey where you will master the art of business etiquette, hone your public speaking prowess, radiate a positive attitude, polish your presentation skills, and refine your communication abilities. Our seasoned experts will guide you through interview preparation, group discussions, e-mail drafting, and web-based seminars. By exuding a strong positive attitude, impeccable etiquette, exceptional communication skills, and unwavering confidence, you will leave an indelible mark from the interview stage to final selection, and beyond.

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Embark on an enriching journey through our prestigious internship program, encompassing two phases: three months of comprehensive classroom training followed by two months of immersive project training. Upon completing the rigorous technology training, hand-picked students will receive an induction into the realm of professionals. They will then be entrusted with live projects, both within our esteemed development division and at our esteemed client companies. These invaluable projects will serve as a crucible, molding you into a highly sought-after IT professional, ready to conquer the industry. Delve into the intricacies of PHP, JAVA, C#, ASP.Net, AJAX, MVC, JQuery, SQL Server, Android, and IOS, and witness your skills flourish. Regular evaluations will be conducted to monitor your progress, ensuring that your potential is nurtured to the fullest. Exceptional performers will be rewarded with coveted placement opportunities within our esteemed organization.

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At Student’s PLUS, we take immense pride in being at the forefront of providing unrivaled academic project guidance to students. Our esteemed institute offers final year academic projects for the esteemed branches of Computer Science (CSE) and Information Technology (IT) for M.Tech, BE, B.Tech, MCA, BCA, M.Sc., and B.Sc. Immerse yourself in a world of limitless possibilities as you engage in live projects, exposing you to the intricacies of a real-time work environment. Our projects span across cutting-edge domains such as Cloud Computing, Web Security, Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, Business Intelligence, and Analytics. With guidance on project selection, meticulous synopsis/abstract writing, detailed classes on projects, and hands-on lab practices, we ensure that your project adheres to the highest standards set by IEEE and universities.

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